Monday, April 18, 2016

"Wheel Off"

We started our trip to the south of Sweden on Saturday morning. On the road we met a few of our Norwegian fishing friends who were on their way back home.
Around a quarter to 2:00 PM we reached Malmö and the exit from E6 to E65 towards Ystad.
Leaving the E6 to go to the connection road to the E65 I suddenly saw in the rear mirror some black smoke coming out of the right trailer wheel and the wheel started wobbling. I pushed the breaks immediately and when the car stopped the wheel felt of the trailer and the trailer hit the ground.
First shocked, than releaved that nothing more happend, nobody hurt and the boat still on the trailer we realized soon that this would be a big job to get the boat and the trailer recovered.
We called our Motorcarclub "ADAC" in Germany and asked for their assistance, after some telephone conversation we got the info that a rescue team was on its way.
The waiting begun, meanwhile a number of well known Finish Trolling boats passed us on their way to Ystad-Bornholm. We checked as well for a harbour where we could bring the boat and a workshop to get the trailer repaired, which we found both.
Around 5:00 PM the rescue team arrived only to realize that they could not help us as they did not have a crane to hoist the equipment. So some more telephone calls and finally we got the budget approved from the ADAC for the right rescue truck which had to be called from Helsingborg.
So more waiting was on the schedule until the crane truck arrived at 9.00 PM, they checked the everything and told us that we had to wait again for the Police to close the road temporary, which took another hour as they were busy hunting some car thieves in Malmö.
Finally at 10.00 PM the hoisting mission started.
At 11.00 PM we could than leave the site after being the main subject in the traffic news of the Malmö Radio stations for almost 9 hours.
Next destination was the harbour of Limhamn where we tropped the boat in the water, which took another hour in now heavy blowing wind.
And finally to the trailer wokshop in Malmö to unload the trailer. The rescue team left at 1.30 AM on Sunday morning after they did a great job.

So special thanks to the team of "Assistancekåren" from Helsingborg and Mr. Fischer from the ADAC in Munich for their great support.

A few words about Brenderup, the manufacturer of our trailer. The first one we bought from them in 1994 served us for 15 years without any problem until it was sold, the current one lastet 8 years before major malfunction, friends of us have one which was not even 4 years old until it had the same problem with the wheel. It looks as if the company since it was overtaken by Thule just went from good to scrap!

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