Saturday, June 24, 2023

Åland Havs Salmon

Back from Eckerö, Åland after a few weeks fishing for migrating salmon.

The fishing started with a lost fish followed by a 10.5kg salmon, then the weather changed to a northern wind and the water cooled down , which resulted in 13 days without a strike due to a wrong strategy.

After a change we managed to catch a nice 16.8kg salmon at the first day of the "Trolling Träff" competition, which was the second biggest of the day and 5th biggest over all and further lost one with a line break.

Salmon 16,8kg with colleague Jonni

On the Sunday after the competition I caught that nice salmon of 17.6kg, which is actually a new boat record and my biggest since 25 years Baltic Sea salmon trolling.

On Wednesday after we had another 2 strikes, which both went of and nothing more as the water temp went up quickly to almost 17°.

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