Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last evening, wild boar again

Last evening we went back to the river Danube area, looking for some wild boar again. First we saw an unexpected buck, but it was to nervous moving around so it was impossible to aim at him. Later some adult boar which didn't come into shooting range and 2 chasing deer close to the stand. In late dawn finally  3 young boar entered the baiting spot and I could shoot one of them.

Fourth morning, buck 4

Third day closed with a heavy thunderstorm and much needed rain as well as some cooler temperatures afterwards, so we expected some improvement in deer activities.
We went out again at 4.00 AM heading to an area where we had seen some deer on the days before.
We saw a doe not far from us but no buck with her. Some calling followed and we could see a buck crossing the field heading towards us but stopped some 200m away from us and turned around going along a treeline and showing us his back. We went to the other side of the treeline seeing him approaching us in high speed, my guide stopped him by a call and I could shoot him.

Third day, foxes

On the third day heat was approaching its peak with temperature close to 40° C, the deer were not moving at all, the only what was available were some foxes, so I shot 2 of them.

Second evening, wild boar hunt

On the second evening I had an appointment with another guide for some wild boar hunt in another area close to river Danube. We actually didn't see a lot of activities but short before darkness a boar showed up on a road close to the stand and was shot.

Second day, buck 3

After having collected the second buck, we went to a sunflower field not far away to look for another buck which was supposed to be around in that vicinity. We waited quit some time calling again, than a buck showed up coming out of the sunflowers but being nervous turning around back into the sunflowers, before it entered I could pay him a shot. We needed some search but could find him in the sunflowers.

Second day, buck 2

On the second day we went out at 4.00 AM, expecting some early activities of the deer. It was still dark at the time we arrived at our stand. In approaching dusk we saw some deer, but no shootable buck with them.
My guide was using again the buck call to attract a buck to our area and soon a good buck showed up around 50m away, coming out of the vegetation. We classified it as a good one and I paid him a shot, he went down at the spot.

Annual Roebuck hunt in Hungary, first buck

Beginning of August was it time again for our annual Roebuck hunting trip to Hungary. We arrived on the 1st of August late afternoon and my guide was waiting for me already, so we went out to the hunting area soon after. As the temperature was more than 35° C we went to a stand which was in the shadow close to a corn field. In the first hour we saw 2 does and a young buck, my guide was calling for the bigger ones and finally a good buck showed up in 40m distance and was shot at the spot.