Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last evening, Buck No 3

After some more outings in difficult conditions without seeing a shot able buck I decided to change the hunting area on the last evening. I picked up my guide and went to our target area, to find it heavily populated with humans, so we had to move on the another place.
After a few young bucks and does, we saw another doe lonely feeding in the meadow, as we came closer we saw a buck laying close to her in the grass. We identified him as a good one and had to jell again to get him up. Both moved a few meters to stand and look, time enough to pay him a shot. He turned around twice and went down, Buck 3 was in the bag.
My guide suggested that we should have a look for a fox as darkness approached, so we did it.
Short before it became too dark a fox entered the scene and was shot, a good conclusion of a nice hunting trip.

Buck No. 2

After 2 morning outings and an evening without success, we realised that the hunt wasn't as easy as the year before, for instance the deer were not reacting on any calling, which was quit strange.
Meanwhile the weather became warmer and warmer with temperatures peaking at 38°C, which made the deer moving late or in the night.
On the 3rd evening we checked around a bit but couldn't see any buck, so we decided to sit down on a stand and wait for some action to come.
After around 1 1/2 hour a buck was chasing a doe out of a corn field into the open space, they circled around for a few minutes to disappear back into the corn again. Than a few minutes later the doe came out alone and moved back.
With approaching darkness we saw a deer coming out of the corn around 200m away from us. It started moving along the edge of the field towards our stand, we could see that it was the buck from before. Some 150m away from us the buck started moving away from the edge into the field. We had to jell again to stop his move, I payed him a shot which was aimed to low leaving him standing in a cloud of dust. Reloading and the second shot went into the shoulder, the buck run 20m and went down.

Roebuck hunting trip to Hungary

Beginning of August was the time again for our annual Roebuck hunting trip to Hungary. The rutting season was in full action already at the time we arrived. I went out whit my guide on the first evening to the place where I got my second to last buck in the last year. We saw a lot of deer, some young bucks and and doe's, but our target buck entered the scene with coming darkness only and there was no chance to place a shot on him. The next morning we checked some other spots without success to come back to the place of the evening before. We where glassing the area as a good buck and a doe came out of a corn field, the buck was chasing the doe criss and cross and finally disappeared into another strip of corn. We changed place closer to the strip of maize and waited for the deer to show up again. Nothing happened for around 15 minutes as the buck came out of the adjacent forest walking towards the maize again. I jelled on him to stop his move with success to place a shot behind the shoulder, he turned, run around 30 m and went down, Buck no 1 was in the bag.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bravo "Jordbruksverket" !

The "fettfena" nonsens is from the table, for now!

In a statement from the 14th of June, the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture, Head of the department who produced the brainless plan for the trolling restrictions based on the existence of a fin, dumped that idea.

Their argumentation follows in the majority the argumentation which was brought into the discussion from people who know what they are talking about.

- Only a part of the hatched and stocked fish in the Baltic is "fenklipped" and as long as not
  everybody is cutting of that fin it makes no sense to have such a regulation to protect wild salmon.

- The economical impact of such a restriction is far deeper than in the original paper considered.

- A bag limit has been favoured, if at all, to regulate salmon fishing, which can be accepted as long as it is based on the reality and not on fictive figures.

- The development of tourist fishing has been declared as a clear goal for the future.

The only thing which is missing is the clear statement against the main problem the salmon is facing, the commercial fishery with nets, traps and long lines!

In general the paper shows, that resistance and argumentation pays of more than answering nonsense with bigger nonsense as done by the Swedish "sport fishing" organisation "Sportfiskarna".

Here the link to the statement from  "Jordbruksverket".

Saturday, June 9, 2012

1 "fettfena per day"?!

A new kind of masochism is taking place in the Swedish trolling community in the recent days.

As a kind of an answer to the intention to restrict trolling in the Baltic Sea, some guys are now voting for a "1 fettfena per day" quota, instead of rejecting it completely.

First of all it means accepting that there is a need for a restriction, which is nonsense as there are more salmon in the Baltics than ever before, thanks to a partial net ban which is showing success.

Secondly some figures are circulated about the amount of salmon taken by trolling angler, which are pure guessing as nobody knows it for sure.

Fact is that the fast majority is still taken by commercial fishing with nets and long lines.

How many "fettfena" per day are these bastards taking?

As long as there is any kind of commercial salmon fishing and the same rules are not applied to everybody, restrictions for trolling have to be rejected!

Make the Baltic Sea a recreational fishing ground!

Stop commercial salmon fishing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trolling in Sweden before the doom!

The fishing in the Baltic sea out of Sweden has been remarkable this year but it looks that it will be over soon.
The same useless Swedish Fishing Authorities who have ruined the fishing on Vänern with their miss management are now planning to do the same with the fishing in the Baltic Sea by introducing some brainless regulations.
Their plan is that it should be allowed only to take fish with their adipose fin (fettfena) cut off (a marking which is used by Swedish hatched fish only) pretending to save the wild stock of salmon in the Baltic's.
From all the hatched and stocked salmon in the Baltic's only a small amount is swimming around without that fin.
For instance from the 15 salmon I caught this year, only 4 would have be legal, which is ridiculous.
The lunatic who wrote the proposal means that there will be no commercial impact by setting this rule, he is wrong!
God knows how many thousands of Euro's we're spending in Sweden every year, the Trolling Fishing is the only reason for that.
Should this regulations come into force we're going on to fish from Bornholm and spend our money in Danmark as lot of other Trolling Angler will do as well!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 salmon again

I fished today with Team "Reel Fun" in an area where we had good success last year and the fish were around  again. I got 4 salmon from 9.5, 9.2, 6.5 and 5 kg as well as 3 released and 3 lost. A real good fishing in the morning were I hardly could bring all  the rods back in the water.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Half day fishing, 2 x 11 kg

Today I fished only a half day due to hard wind. I got the first fish around 9.00 o'clock, a salmon of 11 kg followed by a small one, which was released. Than the wind became to strong, so I headed home wards.
Three miles in front of the harbor I decided to pull the lines. Having only 2 rods left in the water  I got an unexpected strike, followed by a tough 20 minutes fight and I could net one more salmon of 11kg.
Tomorrow will be to much wind, next outing on Thursday.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A hell of a fishing day

Today was quit a remarkable fishing day. I started early in the morning in the area I fished the last days and got immediately a fish on which went off again, followed by 5 hours without any action.
Around noon I got the next strike, off again. Immediately after a real monster hook, one off the surface rods went off and the reel was screaming. The fish emptied the reel half in no time, a big one was on. With the strike the wind started blowing and I had no chance to bring the fish closer, so I cleaned the rods on one side including the planer board and drove circles to close distance to the fish.
As soon as I got him to the boat he crossed at the back and went to the other side than to the front and back to the original side again, I had to follow with the rod climbing around the boat in high seas. After another 10 minutes I finally could net him, the weight in the harbor was 14.7 kg.
This was not enough, the next fish of 6.5 kg was hooked on the tail, another tough fight and finally on the way home one planerboard line broke but I could rescue the board. One more small salmon of 4.8 kg closed the business, not to mention that I lost 3 more fish in the tough weather.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

2nd day Simris, 2 salmon

Today wasn't as good as the last one. I got 2 salmon of 9.5 and 4.5 kg and lost 2. The wind became too strong around noon, so I had to finish earlier.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simrishamn, 4 nice salmon

First day fishing in Simrishamn gave 4 nice salmon,   being 11.8, 10.7, 9.4 and 8.4 kg as well as 2 small ones released.  Got some good tips from the "Kung of Östersjön" aka "Baronen".  That was the right medicine after the shit on Vänern.                 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finally a fishing day

After 3 days blowing wind, a fishing day. First I got a big fish on, which tangled up 4 rods and went into the downrigger wire. It was around 8 kg but unfortunatelly it was a "wild" one and had to be released. The second and final was 59-60 cm and released as well. So nothing for the freezer today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1 salmon 3.5 kg

Today's fishing gave 1 salmon of 3.5kg and a wild trout, which was released. A lot of boats on the water for an ordinary Tuesday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

First day fishing

Today was the first day fishing, one strike which came off was everything I got. Hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fishing to start soon

After 10 hours driving from Berlin we arrived in Mossen at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. Today will be boat preparation and fishing will start by tomorrow if everything goes well.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunting in Hungary

Back from our hunting trip to Hungary, which was very successful. In total I shot 4 red deer, being 1 adult female, 1 female Calv, and 2 male Calv as well as 5 Pheasant during our small game hunting day. Unfortunately I couldn't get a red stag, due to the mild weather condition, which made the deer only moving in darkness and a proper sighting was almost impossible. Further I could shoot 2 wild boar in the time of 5 minutes at the same baiting spot.