Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 salmon again

Today's fishing brought the same result as yesterdays, 1 salmon 5 kg and 1 undersized.


Bram said...

Hello Martin.
We are a Dutch group of pike anglers and come to Mellerud on May 8th. We bring our own boats, 15 foot with 40HP outboards and want to go fish for pike in the shallow water near the coast. However, a day trolling for salmon is a nice option for us!
Do we have to go to deep water far from the coast? And what kind of lures do you recommend?
All boats are fully equiped with sonar, GPS, rod holders etc.

Best regards,


Martin Gaertner said...

Hello Bram,
I recommend that you visit the harbor in Dalbergsa when you come to Mellerud, there are some Trolling boats stationed, where you can get some info's. I will not be around at that time. In general, you can fish for salmon at that time in the area in front of "Hjortens Udde" towards the "Hindens Riff". For lures I suggest that you use Bomber Wobbler 15A, good colors are, LS1, PBO, 213, FS, PBCR as well as Tomic 3 tuby in similar colors. You should fish on the surface and down to 12m on the downrigger.
Regards Martin

Martin Gaertner said...