Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hungary, buck 3 and 4

Saturday and Sunday I had to hunt in another area together with Gabor, who was guiding me.
Saturday morning was without success, so we went back in the evening. On the first stand we could see only a few young bucks, which made us to change the spot and the stand. Even at the other stand we saw at the beginning only a young buck and a doe, feeding lonely. As darkness approached, a buck came out of the forest close to our stand. We watched him with the binoculars and decided that he was good to be harvested, which I did. He went down at the spot.
I gave Franz a call and he told me that there was another buck to be collected to fulfill the harvesting plan for the area. So we went out again the next day, a bit earlier as the day before. After reaching the stand in early morning dusk our target buck entered the scene. Gabor called him with the whistle into shooting range. I shot and after a few seconds he was down.

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