Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Swedish fettfena nonsense is big boost for Bornholm tourism

Being back from Bornholm a few thoughts about the fishing, which was just average compared to last year, due to several reasons.
The mild winter and the above normal water temperatures had made the fish moving already, the first week we had strong eastern wind preventing fishing in the preferred spots and after years of spoons ruling the fishing, this year it was "löja" fishing which was far superior which can be seen on the results of the TMB, where the first 3 teams were Löja fisher from Finland, I just managed to fish the last 2 days with bait fish.
Finally it is to mention that the Swedish idiot fettfena rules are a multi million Kroner boost to Bornholm tourism, while their harbors were all packed with boats you could find in Swedish harbors only a few local catch and release masochists saving the fettfena world.

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