Thursday, December 8, 2011

Season Finale

After 3 weeks with storm we finally got a fishing day. As some more bad weather is coming soon it was my final day of this years fall season and it was a good day. After getting the boat cleaned of ice in the morning I made it to the water around 8:30 and fished the area where I started the season. I got a small trout in the morning and than 3 hours nothing. At 11:50 AM a salmon of 5.5 kg hit a wobbler on the surface and as soon as the fish was in the boat another rod went off with a trout of 7.8 kg followed by a small salmon. Than the wind became to strong and I made it to the shore.
So the boat is out of the water and will be stored for the winter.
Next is Christmas with the family followed by hunting in Hungary.

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