Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunting in Hungary

Back from our hunting trip to Hungary, which was very successful. In total I shot 4 red deer, being 1 adult female, 1 female Calv, and 2 male Calv as well as 5 Pheasant during our small game hunting day. Unfortunately I couldn't get a red stag, due to the mild weather condition, which made the deer only moving in darkness and a proper sighting was almost impossible. Further I could shoot 2 wild boar in the time of 5 minutes at the same baiting spot.

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Phoenix said...

Lieber Herr Gärtner,
ich hoffe, Ihre Saison am Vänern startet bald wieder. Bis zum nächsten Urlaub am Vänern hält mich Ihr Blog täglich "über Wasser".
Viele Grüße