Monday, May 7, 2012

A hell of a fishing day

Today was quit a remarkable fishing day. I started early in the morning in the area I fished the last days and got immediately a fish on which went off again, followed by 5 hours without any action.
Around noon I got the next strike, off again. Immediately after a real monster hook, one off the surface rods went off and the reel was screaming. The fish emptied the reel half in no time, a big one was on. With the strike the wind started blowing and I had no chance to bring the fish closer, so I cleaned the rods on one side including the planer board and drove circles to close distance to the fish.
As soon as I got him to the boat he crossed at the back and went to the other side than to the front and back to the original side again, I had to follow with the rod climbing around the boat in high seas. After another 10 minutes I finally could net him, the weight in the harbor was 14.7 kg.
This was not enough, the next fish of 6.5 kg was hooked on the tail, another tough fight and finally on the way home one planerboard line broke but I could rescue the board. One more small salmon of 4.8 kg closed the business, not to mention that I lost 3 more fish in the tough weather.

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