Friday, May 11, 2012

Trolling in Sweden before the doom!

The fishing in the Baltic sea out of Sweden has been remarkable this year but it looks that it will be over soon.
The same useless Swedish Fishing Authorities who have ruined the fishing on Vänern with their miss management are now planning to do the same with the fishing in the Baltic Sea by introducing some brainless regulations.
Their plan is that it should be allowed only to take fish with their adipose fin (fettfena) cut off (a marking which is used by Swedish hatched fish only) pretending to save the wild stock of salmon in the Baltic's.
From all the hatched and stocked salmon in the Baltic's only a small amount is swimming around without that fin.
For instance from the 15 salmon I caught this year, only 4 would have be legal, which is ridiculous.
The lunatic who wrote the proposal means that there will be no commercial impact by setting this rule, he is wrong!
God knows how many thousands of Euro's we're spending in Sweden every year, the Trolling Fishing is the only reason for that.
Should this regulations come into force we're going on to fish from Bornholm and spend our money in Danmark as lot of other Trolling Angler will do as well!

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