Monday, January 7, 2013

End of the year hunting trip to Hungary

After Christmas it was time again for our annual end of the year hunting trip to Hungary.
We traveled on the 26th and arrived late afternoon.
First outing was on 27th evening with no game seen.
Next day was small game driven hunt in my friends hunting block in Austria. 13 hunter, partly with dogs participated. We started with some breakfast and left than for the first drive, which was successful for me with a Pheasant shot as well as a Fox. After the second drive we had to take a brake due to pouring rain and continued in the afternoon with eight hunter only, I could shoot another Pheasant as well as 2 Hare.
On 29th we had our annual small game hunt with the hunting group from Hungary. Whole day hunting gave 5 Hare and 128 Pheasant from which I shot 7.

After that we had several outings for red deer , which were without success only 1 wild boar was further harvested, but nevertheless a good hunting trip not at least due to perfect weather with a lot of sun.

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