Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last evening, Buck No 3

After some more outings in difficult conditions without seeing a shot able buck I decided to change the hunting area on the last evening. I picked up my guide and went to our target area, to find it heavily populated with humans, so we had to move on the another place.
After a few young bucks and does, we saw another doe lonely feeding in the meadow, as we came closer we saw a buck laying close to her in the grass. We identified him as a good one and had to jell again to get him up. Both moved a few meters to stand and look, time enough to pay him a shot. He turned around twice and went down, Buck 3 was in the bag.
My guide suggested that we should have a look for a fox as darkness approached, so we did it.
Short before it became too dark a fox entered the scene and was shot, a good conclusion of a nice hunting trip.

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