Saturday, June 9, 2012

1 "fettfena per day"?!

A new kind of masochism is taking place in the Swedish trolling community in the recent days.

As a kind of an answer to the intention to restrict trolling in the Baltic Sea, some guys are now voting for a "1 fettfena per day" quota, instead of rejecting it completely.

First of all it means accepting that there is a need for a restriction, which is nonsense as there are more salmon in the Baltics than ever before, thanks to a partial net ban which is showing success.

Secondly some figures are circulated about the amount of salmon taken by trolling angler, which are pure guessing as nobody knows it for sure.

Fact is that the fast majority is still taken by commercial fishing with nets and long lines.

How many "fettfena" per day are these bastards taking?

As long as there is any kind of commercial salmon fishing and the same rules are not applied to everybody, restrictions for trolling have to be rejected!

Make the Baltic Sea a recreational fishing ground!

Stop commercial salmon fishing!

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