Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bravo "Jordbruksverket" !

The "fettfena" nonsens is from the table, for now!

In a statement from the 14th of June, the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture, Head of the department who produced the brainless plan for the trolling restrictions based on the existence of a fin, dumped that idea.

Their argumentation follows in the majority the argumentation which was brought into the discussion from people who know what they are talking about.

- Only a part of the hatched and stocked fish in the Baltic is "fenklipped" and as long as not
  everybody is cutting of that fin it makes no sense to have such a regulation to protect wild salmon.

- The economical impact of such a restriction is far deeper than in the original paper considered.

- A bag limit has been favoured, if at all, to regulate salmon fishing, which can be accepted as long as it is based on the reality and not on fictive figures.

- The development of tourist fishing has been declared as a clear goal for the future.

The only thing which is missing is the clear statement against the main problem the salmon is facing, the commercial fishery with nets, traps and long lines!

In general the paper shows, that resistance and argumentation pays of more than answering nonsense with bigger nonsense as done by the Swedish "sport fishing" organisation "Sportfiskarna".

Here the link to the statement from  "Jordbruksverket".


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