Thursday, August 9, 2012

Roebuck hunting trip to Hungary

Beginning of August was the time again for our annual Roebuck hunting trip to Hungary. The rutting season was in full action already at the time we arrived. I went out whit my guide on the first evening to the place where I got my second to last buck in the last year. We saw a lot of deer, some young bucks and and doe's, but our target buck entered the scene with coming darkness only and there was no chance to place a shot on him. The next morning we checked some other spots without success to come back to the place of the evening before. We where glassing the area as a good buck and a doe came out of a corn field, the buck was chasing the doe criss and cross and finally disappeared into another strip of corn. We changed place closer to the strip of maize and waited for the deer to show up again. Nothing happened for around 15 minutes as the buck came out of the adjacent forest walking towards the maize again. I jelled on him to stop his move with success to place a shot behind the shoulder, he turned, run around 30 m and went down, Buck no 1 was in the bag.

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