Thursday, August 9, 2012

Buck No. 2

After 2 morning outings and an evening without success, we realised that the hunt wasn't as easy as the year before, for instance the deer were not reacting on any calling, which was quit strange.
Meanwhile the weather became warmer and warmer with temperatures peaking at 38°C, which made the deer moving late or in the night.
On the 3rd evening we checked around a bit but couldn't see any buck, so we decided to sit down on a stand and wait for some action to come.
After around 1 1/2 hour a buck was chasing a doe out of a corn field into the open space, they circled around for a few minutes to disappear back into the corn again. Than a few minutes later the doe came out alone and moved back.
With approaching darkness we saw a deer coming out of the corn around 200m away from us. It started moving along the edge of the field towards our stand, we could see that it was the buck from before. Some 150m away from us the buck started moving away from the edge into the field. We had to jell again to stop his move, I payed him a shot which was aimed to low leaving him standing in a cloud of dust. Reloading and the second shot went into the shoulder, the buck run 20m and went down.

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